Challenges Facing Men

  1. Marriage is getting harder
    1. Media, both mainstream and social
    1. Husbands are idiots
    2. Wives are unsung heroes
    3. How are men responding?
    2. The culture responding to this by rejecting marriage
    1. MGTOW and Red Pill
    2. Non-monogamy
    3. A purely rational, legalistic worldview would make sense under this set of conditions
    3. Does the Biblical worldview offer alternatives?
    2. Rejection of Biblical principles within the church
    1. Chaste words
    2. Help Meet
    3. One Flesh
    4. Respect
    5. Acceptance of Jezebellian Spirituality -- but won't go there
    3. We see truth in Scripture
    1. Feminization of men
    1. Many women express a desire for men to be like women
    2. Warnings of being with quarrelsome wives
  2. Legal system
    1. Men will lose
    2. Most divorces filed by women, some stats >70%